Travel with Mia - Bruges


Hello, hello! Today, I am writing you from Bruges, Belgium. Actually, on the train from Bruges to Brussels, for part one of the journey back to Paris. Two friends and I decided to come to Bruges for the last weekend trip before finals and Christmas vacation. Yay! 17 days to go. 

The clock-tower in Bruges city center  

The clock-tower in Bruges city center  

We arrived on Friday night and stayed at a cute mom-and-pop bed-and-breakfast called Hotel Butler, which was about 20 minutes outside the city. We slept late and missed breakfast, and got into Bruges around noon. 


It was foggy and a chilly -1°C (~30°F) when we got to the city, so we went into a little pub restaurant to get warm and grab lunch before exploring the cobblestone streets. 


We got Belgian waffles from Fred's, which, interestingly enough, is actually an Australian shop. They tasted incredible, but were also incredibly difficult to eat with a fork and knife while standing on the sidewalk.


We wandered through the Christmas market and found a game zone area for kids and adults. There were bumper cars and ducktail and several stalls for Belgian beers. 


We also ended up in Chocolatier Dumon, where all the chocolates are homemade and are owned by the same people. Of course, this was only one of the few chocolatiers we popped into - not even counting the Choco Story chocolate museum that we also went to (bonus: a €2 voucher for hot chocolate from the Choco Jungle Cafe across the street). I even picked up a few Christmas gifts to bring home for my family. 


We walked around all day and although we were trying not to freeze, it was still beautiful and very fun! It's a charming place to visit, I only wish we went ice skating in the town square too! The whole town was so lit up with lights and Christmas decorations, it made me even more excited for Christmas. With only a few weeks left, it was a great refresher to get me through finals and onto vacation. 'Tis the season of cold weather, hot chocolate, and festive decorations everywhere!


Until next time...